Friday, December 03, 2010

The Flu

I have had the flu for the past three weeks and have just started to return to my morning yoga routine. I feel new again. Finlay the flu has lifted and I can again breath and do yoga.
I like doing the shoulder stand at night. A friend tells me that women should not do the shoulder stand during menstruation. The Light on Yoga book tell us not to do topsey turvie positions during mensuration.

Light On Yoga: book

I have been reading Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar. This back ground book was first published in 1966. he first section detail yogic philosophy from a mostly Indian perspective. Like how to decrease greed and increase one's love for the evil one. It has some good tips for the physical practice of yoga. Like practice in a fly free room. The asanas section has beautiful black and white photographs and detail descriptions. I am not sure who the person is in the photographs but he is flexible a grass.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Indonesia: top religious body bans hundo heavy yoga

The Indonesian Ulema Council forbade Muslims from taking part in yoga that uses Hindu practices such as chanting mantras. Well, they could do heavy yoga. We don't do anything religious or spiritual. Gravity is our supreme being.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Does smiling make you happy?

If one is feeling unhappy and one forces a smile does that make you feel happy?
Yes, it tricks you into felling happy.
A physiology fake out your face does on your brain. The brain says, "My body is happy because it is smiling so we are happy."
Usually the brain tells the body how to show expression following feelings the brain has. Brain says, " I am sad make a frown." "I am happy make a smile." Yoga believers say there is no separation between the mind a the body. Perhaps they are tandem instead. Each following the other.
Here is a review of smile studies on Cognitive Daily:

In one study the researchers had the subjects hold a pencil in there mouths so their face would have the same expression as a smile. The subject rated a cartoon. The subjects with a smile expression thought the carton was more funny than the non-smiling subjects.

Here is a video by Panherne with this author speaking. More video from Panherne can be found here.

(Tons of heavy thanks to Panherne.)

When the horribly happy teacher or parent tells you to "Smile you will be happy".
But you feel this is false.
At one time I thought this way,
Yes, you are grownup and you make your own choices. "This happy face advise is for fools."

But if you want to be happy. If you are sick of being sad, the the fake smile will make you feel better. It works for me.
And people will think you are happy and treat you that way . You will feel happy because you look happy. Moral judgments come into play here also.

"She has no right to be happy" or "They are happy so they must be a good person"

I saw a kid in a supermarket shopping basket. He pointed to the ice case, he said "Cold". He pointed at an innocent, but sad woman, he said "Cold lady". Children are truthful and cold blooded.

So if you yawn with out being tired does it make you tired?
Does an actor playing a villain become truly evil? Just a bit.

I prefer to be happy with a little self delusion than be all real and sad. Give me stupid and happiness or give me wise and sad.

In there future I will write about heavy yoga face poses: The Lion pose, The Sad Therapist pose, The Goofy pose, The Italian Face and Hand Expressions School, The Game Face, The Polite Repressed Smile and the "I Will My Face to Look Like This" pose.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can heavy yoga be applied to travel?

Here is how.
Heavy yoga subscribes to the harm reduction method. This says that our client Joe, is an chronic alcoholic. He has tried to stop drinking, but has repeatedly failed. On top of that, when he gets drunk, slips on the ice, sleeps on the snow and fails to eat.
An all or nothing approach to help Joe would be to tell Joe he has to stop drinking entirely. No drinking at all. "One drink Joe and you have failed. "
Joe takes one drink at 3 pm. He thinks to himself, " f**k it I drank one drink I have failed. So why not have an other one or two or more?"
Joe gets drunk and slips on the ice.

In the harm reduction philosophy, Joe may have a drink but he should have it out of danger, he can also be assured that if he has one he can stop at that . He has not failed. It deflates the fatalist viewpoint of all or nothing.

In heavy yoga travel can use a harm reduction philosophy to lighten the load of travel.

Travel is fun. Usually we enjoy travel ing of vacation, not so for business.

For me the worst part of traveling is having my self stuck somewhere uncomfortable. A small plane seat, a noisy bumpy bus set. An over crowed city bus. Waiting in long lines at the airport.

Here is how heavy yoga helps. This is about the emotional aspects of heavy yoga not poses. I am as always very interested in poses that someone might send in to be added to the heavy yoga canon. So send in your heavy yoga travel poses.

Ideally this is what I do when I know I am going to have a long airplane ride. A few hours before I start to relax. Let my legs become un-tense. Even out my breathing. This can be difficult because in the hours before a flight is the time for get all the travel items organized.

But i do it any way. An old trick with anxiety is to do to a safe place and feel as anxious as possiable. Yes exaggerate your "bad feelings". This takes away the fight against t the anxiety and lets you just walk away from the pain. There is no more fighting the bad feeling. This can work for stage fright and other sorts of pain. It can work for physical pain up to a point. It may not work for a sore thumb.

This is one of the great passive aggressive reverse psychology tricks you can play on your self.

When I get my self into a semi- sleep state my doing concentrating relaxation I can pass out on the plane that much faster.

Some heavy yoga practitioner have trouble sleeping in transit because of the bumps. Another self delusion trick is this: Think to your self that each bump along the way puts one more relaxed. Here is a self dialogue. "Oh that was a good bump, that made me more tired. Surprise, there was another that made my legs relax more. All this vibration is just singing me to sleep, it is like a massage." More passive aggressiveness in action.

Heavy yoga rolling on.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Yoga on a bike

I am trying to devise a way to do yoga on a bike. I ride to work and other places everyday.
But riding a bike is very un-yoga. When bike riding one is in motion. In yoga one is planted on the floor, be it in a room or a mountain top. Bike riding entails navigating the path ahead, at all times. One coaches while on a bike. Rolling speed is the major property of a bike rider.
But are there similarities? Yes.

In heavy yoga there is gravity. Bikes slip around gravity's stopping effects with wheels.
One has other effects of gravity. When rolling down hills and pushing up hills.

I see the largest similarities between biking and yoga in physicality. When taking a turn the centrifugal force always require one to lean into the turn. The whole body is under the effect of gravity and weight.

The pushing of the pedals, one after another. the calisthenics of biking and the formalized poses motion of yoga are another similarity. Perhaps the biggest similarity is the awareness of one's body.
The bike rider's body pushes against the air. The yoga body pulls in air, stops it in the lungs , then expels it.
I want there to be more similarities because I do each of them quite often.
I know what the biggest similarity is between biking and yoga, they are part of a physical life. It is holding on to the bull’s head and enjoying the ride.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yoga or Die

yoga or die
I didn't do my normal yoga routine this morning. I jumped on my bike in 23 degree weather and rode out errands. after the first errand my leg to hip joint started to hurt . The pain went down my leg a bit. I' m not one to keep track and monitor every little head ache and chill that I get. I can often just think the pains away by just not worrying about them.
Not this one in my leg to hip joint I blame on my not doing yoga in the morning and the cold temperature.
Now I will do some yoga, it is Sunday, so I am at home in the warmth.
As noted in my entry earlier I do a spot of yoga in the morning. I am not really a student of yoga. More of a improviser.
If any one has yoga ideas or poses or comments please send them to me. This is Heavy Yoga, there is no right or wring way. It is not the only way, But this is non-secret. There is no hidden knowledge.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Honey has so many beneficial properties that it is hard to start writing about it.
One caution, don't give honey to kids under one year old. Honey has botulinum endospores: bacteria spores. A baby's digestive track cannot kill these spores and the little tick can get botulism. yuck!

So good! More for us grow ups over one year old.

Bees gather nectar in their honey stomachs, that nectar is passed to another bees that chew the honey with enzymes. The honey is spread around the hive where the water evaporates. Finished honey is sealed in honey cells until eaten by bees as needed.

Honey has been used in medicine since ancient times.

Before the age of pharmacology in the 20th century honey was a major ingredient in most medicines.
A study at University of Pennsylvania found that plain honey was more effective against coughs than a honey-flavored dextromethorphan cough syrup.

Here is link,

Honey spread on burns and wounds is an old practice. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effects.
On a wound honey produces hydrogen peroxide, which is thought to contribute to its antibacterial effects.

Bert's Bees Wax uses honey skin creams.

I have my own skin preparation that uses honey. The honey from the farmer's market is the best. Uncooked and unfiltered has the most beneficial properties.

Here is a skin lotion I use every day on my face:
2 teaspoons sweet uncooked almond oil
One teaspoon food grade rose water, from the Indian spice store.
And two large drops of honey.
That’s it.
Don’t worry too much about the proportions. But too much honey makes the preparation sticky on one’s skin. Ok it is still honey.
If you have any left over you can drink it.